Here we are again, with a new face on this family website.

As time passes, technologies advance and such is the case here. Nowadays, that everybody is using some kind social media, family websites in a classical sense are not used that much anymore. However, I have tried to integrate some of the facebook functionalities here such as to make interactions easier.

If you do not have a facebook account yet, I would recommend to get one. It is free and more importantly, it helps us, the Mannamplackal family members all around the world, to keep in touch. Rev. Fr. Boby Mannamplackal has started a Mannamplackal family facebook site. News from that site are available to all in the “News” section, even if you are not a registered facebook user.

I would be very happy, if you leave any comments regarding this website in the “Contacts” section. We need to work together to make this website a true companion for all members of our family and our friends.

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